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Crystal Type

Pujiang HBL Handicraft Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 13, 2016

Crystal introduced after scientific analysis and validation, we take a look at the classification of crystals, Crystal classifications are varied, usually can be divided roughly into three categories:

Crystalline Varieties; crystalline varieties

We usually watch the number of hexagonal crystal columns (hexagonal crystal system) generates a clustered Crystal cluster, is a Crystalline Varieties crystalline varieties, such as rock crystal, Amethyst, citrine, pink Crystal, Crystal, Tiger eye stone is such a case.

Crypto crystalline Varieties; cryptocrystalline class

Cryptocrystalline class Crystal appearance is a block, not a hexagonal crystal cluster, but they also are one of six Crystal systems. But we cannot be observed with the naked eye the hexagonal crystal, Crystal size is extremely small, needed a microscope to see the hex opening with the help of Crystal. Such crystals are very smooth, because Crystal between "hydrated silica" fill, agate falls into this category.

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