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Crystal Chandeldier Beads Dier Beads Beautiful And Bright

Edit: Pujiang HBL Handicraft Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 01, 2017

Crystal Chandeldier Beads is beautiful and bright, but it is not easy to clean the cleaning thing, especially for a lot of crystal beads chandeliers, physical cleaning and very troublesome, but today Xiaobian to teach you three Crystal Chandeldier Beads iers Cleaning method, simple and convenient, easy to make your home crystal lamp rejuvenated.

1. Clean water Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier: sometimes simply wipe, and can not be very good to remove the Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier above the dust stains, because the lamp heat and other reasons, some stains more stubborn. But because the main ingredient or dust, so clean with water can be clean. In this case it is recommended that the Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier carefully dismantled down, with a soaked soft cloth scrubbed several times. Scrub, do not let the Crystal Chandeldier Beads iers on the metal parts such as too long exposure to water, so as not to rust affect the appearance of beauty, and even cause security risks.

2. Wipe method to clean Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier: general Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier with a long time, but in the crystal surface covered a layer of dust, and there is no difficult to remove the stains. In this case clean Crystal Chandeldier Beads iers, do not need professionals to dismantle the chandelier down, just standing high, with a clean soft cotton gently wipe can be. Do not need water or other cleaning agents that can restore the glory of Crystal Chandeldier Beads iers. Wipe should pay attention to gently hold the Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier, but also pay attention to their high safety.

3. kerosene cleaning Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier: there are some Crystal Chandeldier Beads iers in addition to the water above the dust can be removed, there are water-insoluble stains. The kerosene is a good solvent for such stains and can be easily removed. When cleaning the Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier, prepare a small bowl of shallow bottom, hold about two-thirds of kerosene, and then dismantle the Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier by component, soak in kerosene one by one, for 5-10 minutes, with a clean soft Cotton gently wipe the surface of the crystal parts, then you can see the stain has been fully dissolved, it is easy to be erased. Until all the stains are cleared, and then use the mild soap into soapy water, with a soft cloth repeatedly clean the kerosene covered with Crystal Chandeldier Beads iers, and then wipe with water can be.

Mastered the three basic Crystal Chandeldier Beads ier cleaning method, their home will be able to get all the cleaning work, of course, if some hotels, shopping malls, large Crystal Chandeldier Beads iers, we must ask the professionals to clean.

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